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Student Assessment & Testing

The primary formative assessments we use at IIA for ELA and Math is IReady™ or grades K - 6, and performance tasks for grades K – 6 to track growth and compare our growth against a national norm. IReady is given three times a year - in the beginning, middle and end of the school year.  We also implement Common Core State Standards based benchmark assessments designed internally to inform overall progress towards Common Core State Standards mastery.

Our teachers also use formative assessments including weekly quizzes, exit tickets, – IReady™ in ELA and Math for grades K - 8, and performance tasks for grades K - 8. Teachers use problem-based performance tasks and investigations based on inquiry questions. We may also include “math openers,” which are investigations to be used as a “hook” to open the unit and engage students, and “math closers” as performance tasks at the end of the unit.