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Our Team

2022-2023 Staff

All teachers are properly certified to teach in our classrooms.  Please feel free to connect with our wonderful teachers.
Dr Stefan Bean
Dr. Stefan Bean - Executive Director: [email protected]

Crystal Kuan photo
Transitional Kindergarten- Crystal Kuan: [email protected]

Sandy Small photo
Mandarin Response Intervention Specialist
Mandarin Kindergarten, Chinese Teacher Lead
Sandy Small: [email protected]

Zoe Grisenti
Kindergarten - Zoe Grisenti (Lead Teacher): [email protected]

Ciera Haney
Kindergarten, First Grade - Ciera Haney: [email protected]

Katelyn Miller photo
First Grade - Katelyn Kjar: [email protected]

Victoria Wang
Mandarin for First and Second Grade - Victoria Wang (Lead Teacher): [email protected]

Catherine Irvine photo
Second Grade - Catherine Irvine (Lead Teacher): [email protected]

Kristi Baik photo
Third and Fourth Grade - Kristi Baik: [email protected]

Weixia He
Mandarin for Third ad Fourth Grade - Weixia He - [email protected]

Angela Brown
Fifth Grade - Angela Brown (Lead Teacher): [email protected]

Susie Bendarzewski photo
Transitional Kindergarten - Susie Bendarzewski: [email protected]

Hope Lung photo
Mandarin for 6th and 7th Grade - Hope Lung: [email protected]

Andrew Kacherov photo
Physical Education - Andrew Kacherov: [email protected]

Alexander Granger photo
Music - Alexander Granger: [email protected]

Parisa Geshti photo
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) - Parisa Geshti: [email protected]

Jose Fernandez photo
Director of Student Services - Jose Fernandez: [email protected]