Come See Our Updated Library!

Another section of the room is set up with tables for the After School program, for one-one
sessions with students needing special help, and as a quiet place for teachers to do their lesson

But what about the hundreds of English and Chinese books that have been generously donated
to the library by the PTO, parents, and teachers?

What would help students actually find books by genre (topic), at the appropriate level, and be
able to conduct objective research?

Until we have time in the summer of 2023 to get a library software system to catalog each book,
we have added colorful signs by general category and individual shelf labels. Next, we have set
up an old style check-out system with book pockets and check-out cards that the students are
actually helping create for each book they want to read.

The students each have their own library markers to place where the book is shelved and then
fill out the book title and the borrower’s name on a check-out card. To return a book, the
students replace the checkout cards in the book pockets, reshelve the books on the correct
shelves, and use their library markers for the next books they want. Not only does the volunteer
librarian not have to shelve all the books, but has time to respond to student book requests,
shelve newly donated books, conduct weekly reading and story times for the youngest classes,
and plan monthly displays and other enrichment programs.

What a response we have had from the students and teachers in the last three weeks! At the
rate the students are checking out books, we may be processing over 150 books a week. We
are also in the process of re-shelving fiction books by genre (topic), because that is what the
students, teachers, and most booksellers use.

Please come visit our library the week of February 6-10, when we will be holding a Scholastic
Book Fair there. (Details will be coming this week.) I will be there in the afternoons and would
love to chat with you if you are interested in volunteering with me in keeping the library staffed
whenever school is in session. Because I cannot read Chinese, I am especially looking for
volunteer partners who can rearrange the Chinese section like the English section, and create
Chinese signs and shelf labels.

By Ellen Strasma