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Our Philosophy

Irvine International Academy (IIA) is a Mandarin immersion charter school where students can learn in both English and Mandarin Chinese. These two languages are spoken by a substantial number of individuals around the world. IIA believes that this pairing of two languages will allow our students to become more familiar with and be able to navigate various cultural situations - to ultimately become global citizens.

IIA will provide experiences for exceptional learning and personal growth for children, who will grow to be individuals capable of leading and rationally supporting their ideas. By inspiring risk-taking in a supportive environment, students become teachers and lifelong learners as they engage in partnerships and projects to achieve their goals.

IIA is a place where learning to do the right thing is as important as acquiring book knowledge, and traditional values of humanity are restored in the classroom. By genuinely accepting others' and their own successes, students develop a true self-value based on objective accomplishments.

Daily instruction will emphasize multiple intelligences: Dr. Howard Gardner, Harvard; Dr. Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of higher-order thinking; Gifted And Talented Education (GATE). Utilizing different modes of learning will develop problem-solving and lifelong learning skills.

IIA students will become the person they were created to be, and beacons that change the world that others depend upon.